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Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale or retail prices, Sheppie Green Grocers provides this option to customers. Conveniently located in the main street which runs through Marburg, Port Shepstone, the warehouse has 3 features; fruit & veg wholesale market, fridges/freezers dedicated to vegetarian/vegan diets and a general store which stocks a wide range of products you will find in most supermarkets, general and convenience stores.

Sheppie Green Grocers – Fresh Produce & Household Goods

Sheppie Green GrocersSheppie Green Grocers’ main focus is on the supply of fruit and vegetables, but management has incorporated an extensive stock list which covers the general requirements of any home. In store you will find an array of cleaning products, kitchenware (pots and pans), cultural items, incense, your fridges with cold drinks, sweets and snacks and more.

  • Tel: 039 682 3362 Cell: 083 775 5250
  • Physical Address: 5 Industrial Road, Marburg,
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Sheppie Green Grocers (SGG) is a family run business specialising in the wholesale supply of fruit and vegetables. Our HQ is located in Marburg, Port Shepstone and we cater to a growing customer base on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. We specialise in fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices but our retail outlet is open at our warehouse in Industrial Road in the general store section. Our retail store in Hibberdene (SG Grocers) will also cater to bulk orders where possible. Please Contact Us to arrange for your supply, collection and delivery requirements.

We are proud to be the largest supplier of fruit and vegetables on the South Coast. Our condiments and toilet paper are the most affordable and our general-in-store items are very competitively priced.

Fresh produce products, features & services:

  • Fruit & veg wholesale market,
  • Fridges/freezers dedicated to vegetarian/vegan diets
  • A general store which stocks a wide range of household products & general items
  • A convenience store for your daily food and grocery supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Supply and delivery along the KZN South Coast

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